Review: The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual EnlightenmentOkay, it happened. I got into Eckhart Tolle this year.

This is a pretty personal post because I’m not sure how else to write it.

Previously, I had been approaching spirituality with an interest in Buddhism and this goal to sort of still my mind’s tendency to run off the rails. I would describe myself as a pretty high-strung person. I am a perfectionist in many areas and I worry and beat myself up over what I perceive as my shortcomings. A lot.

But something has changed in me over the past few months and a lot of it comes from the work I’ve done with the ideas in this book. And even that doesn’t quite get at it. I say that because it’s not like you read The Power of Now and absorb it or understand it and then move on to the next book. There is a lot of reflection that it inspires and it’s led me to some important realizations about what is important in my life and how a lot of the things that have held me back can simply be let go of, I can just drop them.

I am honestly so drawn to this stuff, but it’s almost shameful or embarrassing. How do you get wrapped up in this hippie-dippie self-help spirituality? Well, all I can say is that upon bringing this perspective into my everyday life, a lot of it rings true to my experience. I see the mind now as a tool, and that ability to disidentify from its thoughts and to anchor myself in the present moment is powerful. Time can pull you backwards or forwards and what really is the benefit of that? Of course we can plan and set goals, but that connection with right now, this moment– I find it to be a very compelling way to live and one that has actually improved my life.

OK– I will say Tolle says some weird and offensive stuff about gender and sexuality. That I am critical of and I’m still working to figure what exactly it’s all about. Overall, this has been an exciting book for me and one I will come back to.